Van Aifread

Van Aifread

Van Aifread (Daemon)

Game Tales of Berseria
Race Human (formerly)
Gender Male
Occupation Pirate
Weapon Fists
JP Voice Actor(s) Yukitoshi Hori

Van Aifread (バン アイフリード Ban Aifurīdo?) is one of the minor antagonists in Tales of Berseria. He was the owner and original captain of the Van Eltia ship. He was originally held captive at the prison island but escapes with Melchior's guidance. Van Aifread respects his crew members and is said to be "a person like the sea" by Benwick. He has a very bold personality and is said to admonish Eizen at times. He is said to have cursed his own ship. During the day of the gate opening, he saw Eizen.

Melchior is said to be his observer but does not follow Melchior's orders easily. This leftover free will of his was then taken by Innominat, who then used Van Aifread to try and kill Laphicet. Having fought with Eizen and being purified by Laphicet, he regains his human form and gives Laphicet words of wisdom before his death.

His name of Aifread is used as a recurring figure in the series, depicting many different characters who travel the sea, generally pirates.


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