A Therion (喰魔 Kuuma?, Daemoneater) also translated as Daemon Eater, is a being and title of which one gains from the consuming of daemons, hatred and despair. The daemoneaters are usually the ones that survived the effects of the daemonblight to a certain degree to retain their own free will. The title "daemoneater" solely exists in the Wasteland world of the Tales of Berseria timeline. The only major daemoneater seen as a threat to the world is Velvet Crowe. There are seven daemoneaters in total. These include Velvet Crowe, Kamoana, Medissa, Orthros, Teresa Linares after merging with a daemon called Dece, Griffon and a Stag Beetle.

Daemoneaters come in various size and forms, from monsters to humanoids. They are considered a higher-level version of those who are daemons, being able to consume them for their own benefits. Throughout the events of the Berseria story, Velvet encounters multiple daemoneaters—some of which are both good and bad. They are seen as if a race of their own, being rated as the more potentially dangerous ones. These seven daemoneaters mimic seven emotions.

By eating other creatures, whether it be daemons, humans or malaks, one is able to hear a death cry and see past memories of the creature being devoured. This is seen when Velvet cosumes Seres and also when Kamoana devours her own mother.

Plot Usage

Tales of Berseria

The name Daemoneater is mentioned when Velvet encounters Seres and Oscar Dragonia during her escape from the prison island, Titania. It is not heard until later in the story where Velvet refers to herself as one and later attributing the seven daemoneater characters.

Tales of Zestiria the X

The title made its debut in Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 5 and in the Tales of Berseria game, where Velvet Crowe had escaped the cells of Titania, the prison island. With the aid of malak, Seres, she managed to reach ground level without the need of the continuous consumption of the daemons. Through running through the hallway and in battle, Seres referred to Velvet as a daemoneater; one who survives and lives off of the nutrition gained by devouring the daemon as prey.

Despite the daemoneaters gaining value from daemons, this attribute does not change however if the same process were used to consume humans or malaks. This is seen when Velvet eats a suffering Seres who on the verge of death makes the request for Velvet to eat her—gaining her elemental abilities of fire, her will and nutrition.


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