This is a Talespedia, the Tales of wiki dedicated to the Japanese names of characters.

E.g Genius Sage and not Genis Sage.


We specifically focus on information as top priority. The wiki is small at the moment and we need your help to expand it. Slow progress with a lot of contributors will help quickly improve the growth rate of this wiki.

  • Be friendly and ask if you are unsure.
  • Avoid reverting edits from administrators.
  • Do not post unused content.
  • Try not to create blank pages.
  • Keep arguements down to a minimum.
  • Post content in correct catagories and ask before posting in a new one.

We could use your help in all its entirety; whether it is posting images, adding infoboxes, creates new character pages, correcting information, HTML markup proposals and design layout.

As you can see we have a multitude of work to do. Any help is appreciated as well as aid in promoting the wiki!