A depiction of the legendary sword, Stormhowl.

Stormhowl ((ごう)(らん) Gouran?) is the name of a legendary sword from Tales of Berseria. It is currently in the hands of Rokurou Rangetsu, a powerful warrior of the Rangetsu family. He is one of the few characters who know how to use the sword to its full potential and claims it as a treasure or relic of sorts. The sword has even been referred to as Sword of Life (命の太刀 Inochi no Tachi?, can be referred as "Katana of Life"). It is claimed to have the power to take down the top exorcists of The Abbey.

Rokurou claims it as his "partner". However, later in the story, it was discovered the Stormhowl carried by Rokurou was an "imitation" while Shigure Rangetsu, his older brother, carried the real one.

Plot and History

Tales of Zestiria the X

Stormhowl is first seen in one of the storage rooms of Titania, the prison island. Velvet Crowe along with Malak, Seres, use the storage room as a hiding spot where they could recuperate and use it as a chance to confuse the enemy exorcists while escaping the island with little harm. It is then Velvet comes across the sword and claims it as "useless" until Rokurou Rangetsu holds her as hostage and a while later referring to the stormhowl as his partner. Velvet then says to Rokurou she will hand the blade on one condition, if he is able to use it and destroy the exorcists with it.


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