Shigure Rangetsu

Shigure Rangetsu
Shigure Rangetsu
Game Tales of Berseria
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 31
Height 185cm
Occupation Legate
Weapon Long Blade
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
JP Voice Actor(s) Kazuya Nakai
EN Voice Actor(s) Max Mittelman

Shigure Rangetsu (シグレ・ランゲツ Shigure Rangetsu?) is a member of the Abbey and the elder brother of Rokurou Rangetsu. He is also the head of the Rangetsu family. He has a freewheeling attitude unappreciated by serious-minded exorcists. However, he justifies his carefree behaviour with his prowess in battle.

His sole source of joy is to fight tough opponents and cannot help but laugh when his opponent is stronger than him. Thus, he will never turn down a new challenge if the opportunity presents itself.

"You’re the one who hasn’t changed, I bet. You still trying to think of how you can take me down?"

—Shigure Rangetsu.



Shigure is a tall, muscular man with golden eyes and long black hair. He dons a unique shirt that simply covers his shoulders and the top portion of his back, leaving his torso mostly exposed, the shirt being connected in the front by a black and orange material that yields an ornamental fang. He wears a full arm gauntlet on his right arm, with which he wields a large sword, and a partial arm gauntlet on his left. His pants mirror the same color motif as his top, being mostly beige and trailing into a combat-oriented pair of black and orange sandals.


Though a legate, Shigure has a free-spirited attitude unappreciated by the serious-minded exorcists. He justifies his carefree behavior with his battle prowess. His sole joy is to fight tough opponents and seems to enjoy it when his opponent is stronger. He will never turn down a new challenge whenever it arises.


Shigure is defeated by Rokurou Rangetsu and Velvet used his body to resurrect the Four Elemental Empyreans to stop Artorius Collbrande's Ceremony of Supression.


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