The Shepherd

Depiction of the "new shepherd" during the end of Tales of Zestiria.

The Shepherd (導師 Doushi?), often translated as Monk or Priest, is a major figure which appears in the story events of Tales of Zestiria and its prequel, Tales of Berseria. The main role of the Shepherd is to travel the world and form pacts with multiple Seraphic beings to increase their overall strength and gain the Powers of Purification, which is then used to cleanse the malevolence of the world. Sorey, as the Shepherd in Tales of Zestiria, gains the Flames of Purification after forming his pact with the fire seraph, Lailah, who is also a Prime Lord. Through forming a pact with the prime-lord, the Shepherd is able to form pacts with other seraphim—as well as grant them the powers of purification to their own nature and provide a vessel in the Shepherd, where the seraphim can take a spiritual form to rest their bodies in. The Prime-Lords serve as a guide to the Shepherd, sharing their knowledge of the world. They are usually the first to enact the Armatus with them; a process which is the fusion of the host body and the powers of the seraphim to boost their base power and purification immensely, this process is called "Armatization".

In Tales of Berseria, it is revealed that the term originated during the game's timeline and that Artorius Collbrande was the first of them. The Abbey, a pre-Zestiria foundation consisting of Exorcists under their rule, all function as the Shepherds of their time. Throughout the events of Tales of Berseria, it is shown that the members of The Abbey and their patrolling army, the Exorcists, can form pacts with Malakhim and acts as vessels for them. Malakhim are the pre-Zestirian form of the seraphim. Eleanor Hume, an ex-member of The Abbey and once serving under Artorius Collbrande can form pacts without the need of having a spiritual being such as the seraphim prime-lords as seen in Tales of Zestiria. This ability has also been shown by Magilou, a mysterious witch party member of Berseria, when forming a pact with a Normin Malak called Bienfu. Oscar Dragonia and have been shown to be enact the powers of the Armatus, something heavily related to that of the Shepherd's abilities. Guidelines have proven that the term Exorcists had evolved into eventually referring to all Exorcists as Shepherds. As the vessel for Maotelus, the sixth Empyrean and the purifier of Malevolence, Eleanor Hume effectively becomes the first "true" Shepherd after Artorius.

The major Shepherds in Tales of Zestiria include Sorey, the previous Shepherd Michel and the overseeing Temple Trial seraphim. Rose takes on Sorey's role as the shepherd so that she could continue quelling hellions in his place as he cleanses the world in a timeless space allowing his powers to be used by his Squires.


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