Sergei Strelka
Sergei Strelka
Game Tales of Zestiria
Residence Pendrago
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 33
Height 180cm
Occupation Knight
Weapon Broadsword
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto
JP Voice Actor(s) Hideyuki Hori
EN Voice Actor(s) Xander Mobus

Sergei Strelka (セルゲイ・ストレルカ Serugei Sutoreruka?) is a major character in Tales of Zestiria. He is the head of a band of knights associated with the Empire of Rolance. A fiery man, he has earned deep respect from his troops for his loyalty to the empire and dedication to the common people. Sergei's combat capabilities exceed those of a normal person, he can even respond to attacks he cannot see from members of the Seraphim.

He encounters Sorey and the party multiple times throughout their journey. He battles Sorey, as a knight, testing the powers of the Shepherd and later teaches him a secret technique passed down for generations in the Strelka family/



Sergei has short brown hair, which is crested in the middle with two lines shaved on the right side of his head. He has green eyes and a short, brown goatee on his chin. He wears silver armour and also a red and gold tunic that covers the entirety of his arms and his shoulders. On his right shoulder is a wing-like decoration with a red line down the center to connect to a golden rhombus. Sergei also wears a pair of black gloves and protective gauntlets. Armour is also worn on his legs, which go all the way up to his thighs, creating a symbolic flame to them, matching the appearance of his arm armour which is silver and red. His tunic is made up of red diamond patterns, over the top of which is a white coat. He also has a red and gold cape which is made into the shape of a flame.