Seraph (天族 Tenzoku?, lit. "Heaven Tribe" or "Sky Family"), plural form Seraphim, are spiritual and humanoid beings in Tales of Zestiria. They are the successor form of the malakhim from the pre-sequel, Tales of Berseria. The nature of the Seraphim are mystical because they are not visible with the human eye unless one has enough spiritual resonance to perceive their existence. This can be done by having strong belief in them, having a Seraph cleanse and dwell in one's body to further raise the level of their spiritual resonance, or be brought up with them for many years which would result in a natural rise in their perception due to being accustomed with them. Seraphim are mentioned throughout the Celestial Records, an ancient book from two decades ago in the past, written by a saviour, a powerful and renown figure known as the Shepherd.