Selund, the capital city of the largest island in Tir Na Nog
Game Tales of the Rays
Country Tir Na Nog
Type Town

Sellund City (セールンド Sērundo?) is a location in Tales of the Rays. Sellund is the capital of the largest island in Tir Na Nog, located within countless archipelagos and fathomless seas. It is a small city ruled by King Demetrius, where citizens live in peace and prosperity, and is recurring to the story of Tales of the Rays. The prime minister of Sellund is a woman named Gefion, who takes care of the governing body due to the King's illness. To rescue the world of Tir Na Nog from its impending doom, she is trying to quickly repair the Mirror Shield, Aigis. There is, however, opposition against her that believes she is a spy from the enemy nation of Bifröst.


  • King Demetrius
  • Gefion


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