ToB Scarlet Night

The Scarlet Night three years prior to Tales of Berseria's main storyline.

The Scarlet Night (緋の夜 Hi no Yoru?), is a night which takes place multiple times during the events of Tales of Berseria. It is the enrichment of the aura within the people who carry the Daemonblight and turns them into Daemon. The event is signified by a bloody-crimson full-moon which usually turns humans and other beings into wolves and many other forms of daemons. It was originally said to have occurred after a three-year time period. The strenght of the daemon initially depends on the amount of malevolence, the darkness of heart, which one has. The daemonblight enhances malevolence which is then unleashed in various forms during this night.

The Scarlet Night had first occurred when Velvet was at the age of nine. During this night, Velvet Crowe's pregnant elder sister, Celica Crowe, had died and the soul resting in her corpse and her to-be baby were reincarnated into a malakim. Serika's lover, Artorius "Arthur" Collbrande, failed to protect her and the child and the soul of the two had received a new body and mind where the two souls to host. The result were two completely new beings unrelated to him whatsoever, just that Arthur's family were sacrificial vessels for the forms which appears before him. Melchior had also told him of this after his approach.

The second Scarlet Night occurred roughly six to seven years after the first, when Velvet was at the age of sixteen. After sacrificing Velvet's younger brother, during this night, a majority of the malakim came down to the world of Wasteland to defeat the rampaging daemons. The saviour, Artorius Collbrande, had malakim under his control and quelled the beasts walking on the lands. This was the night Velvet swore revenge against him for killing her younger brother. It was also the night the world had suffered from unnatural weather, daemon roaming, the acceptance of the malakims, the awakening of Velvet's arm and the transformation of which Rokurou Rangetsu took to becoming a daemon with his own will.