Rolance (ローランス Roransu?, "Lowlance"), Rolance Empire, is an Empire and location in Tales of Zestiria, which resides on the opposite side to Hyland. The leading security and minor governors of Rolance are the Imperial Knights which consists of knights from Rolance, with their leading enforcer being Sergei Strelka. It was the opposing faction to the Hyland Kingdom, before the after-math of the war and it's peace treaty were made. The peace treaty was confirmed by Mathia. The descendants of the Dragonia family from Tales of Berseria were the ones who had founded the Rolance Empire.


The Hy from Hyland and the Ro from Rolance are a play on the words "High" and "Low" from the Japanese tongue and varied English spellings to pronounce the word. This in turn, shows a contrast between factions.


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