Refill Sage
Refill Sage
Game Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk

Residence Iselia
Race Half-elf
Gender Female
Age 23 (TOS)

25 (TOS-KOR)

Height 166cm
Weight 49kg
Occupation Teacher / Professor
Weapon Staff / Rod
Character Designer Kosuke Fujishima
JP Voice Actor(s) Yumi Tōma

Refill Sage (リフィル・セイジ Rifiru Seiji?, Raine Sage) is a main character and a female protagonist in Tales of Symphonia. She is a teacher at the school in Iselia and the elder sister of Genius Sage. Refill moved into the village with Genius a few years before the events of the game, hoping to seek a safe home for her and her younger brother while hiding their identity. There she became acquainted with her students, primarily Lloyd Irving and Collet Brunel. Her intellect is surpassed by none in the village.