Moana (Human)

Moana (Therion)

Game Tales of Berseria
Residence Haria
Race Human

Therion (Temporarily)

Gender Female
Age 10
Height 141cm
JP Voice Actor(s) Tomoyo Kurosawa

Moana (モアナ Moana?, Kamoana) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. She is a young girl and the daughter of a priestess called Mahina who was turned into a tree daemon by the Abbey. Moana was turned into a therion daemon after being corrupted by malevolence. She began to fear herself because of the change in her appearance but after being consoled by Eleanor Hume and many others, she began to accept it. After having found out that her mother left to protect her, and later devouring her, Moana began to cry in mourning for being a "bad daughter" and out of love for her. Moana states that she wants to be a good priestess like her mother.

She later calms down after Medissa steps in as her guardian. At the end of the game, she later started living happily with the crew members who had used the abandoned Titania as a hideout, returning back to her human form.



Moana is a girl with tanned skin and dark green hair. In her therion form, she has two long horns from her head and has a bug like outfit to match. Her hair extends to a longer length when compared to her human form and also has black markings placed throughout her body, as well as her hair turning black towards the tip. The color of her hair is more vibrant than her original. Her left eye is yellow with a glyph-shaped pupil, and her right eye becomes a variant shade of her original.


Moana is a very lively girl, growing up with the people of the Haria Village. She would often go out to play outside the borders when possible. During the story, Moana encounters Velvet and the party, where she meets Laphicet and becomes friends with him. This relieves Moana as she does not have many friends around her same age group. Moana is said to be cheerful but can also be very childish, which she reflects on later and claims she wants to be a better person.

As a Therion, Moana is scared, often crying because of her transition between her human appearance and that of her daemon's. At first, she referred to herself as scary and ugly, but with comfort from many of the party members, especially Laphicet and Eleanor, she starts to accept herself and move on with life. From there on, Moana regains her former cheerful personality.



When Moana was removed from Palamedes, Haria Village's residents turned into daemons very quickly. Velvet finds out that there were similar consequences after she escaped from Titania upon her return.


  • The name Moana means "big blue sea" in the word of Haria from the game's lore.
  • Moana is Laphicet's first female friend around his mental age.


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