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Ickx Neve and Mark Grump, two opposing Mirror Knights from Tales of the Rays.

A Mirrist (鏡士 Kagamikishi?, Mirror Knight), plural Mirrists, is a class in Tales of the Rays. The class appears to be used by the protagonists of Tales of the Rays, Ickx Neve and Mileena Weiss. It is also as a title for other playable characters and antagonists in the game. It is also called Mirror Knight, which appears in spin-off titles of the Tales of series. They are a group of humans able to conjure the power of illusions with mirrages. They can manipulate the anima life-force that pervades all things using chiral particles.

In Tales of the Rays, the mirrists fight using the powers of the mirrors, and enemy mirrists usually destroy wildlife and nature as part of the scheme of copying and producing weaponry. The mirrirst's use techniques called Magic Mirror Artes. Mirrirsts, or Mirror Knights, can have varied battle styles, as seen by Mark Grump, who is a mirror knight but uses a combination of a gun and sword, that of which differentiates him from common mirror knights of their world.

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