Ickx SS

Ickx Neve activating a mirrage arte.

Mirrage Artes (魔鏡技 Makyoki?, Magic Mirror Artes) are arte techniques found in Tales of the Rays. They imitate the mystic artes spread out through out the series. All playable characters can use mirrage artes. Mirrists, a group of humans able to conjure the power of illusions with mirrages, can manipulate the anima life-force that pervades all things using chiral particles to initiate mirrage artes. Before a character initiates this technique, they start by exclaiming "Mirrage Arte" and then finish off with the arte combat sequence. Mirrage artes are used by Mirror Knights, also known as Mirrists, a unique class to the world of Tales of the Rays. Mirrage artes are said to be initiated by the use of chiral particles, mysterious energy particles found in Tir Na Nog. They copy the anima of their target, transforming the copy into more chiral particles. It can create infinite copies and thus infinite energy.


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