Mileena Weiss

Mileena Weiss
Mileena Weiss
Game Tales of the Rays
Residence Odanse
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 162cm
Weight 45kg
Occupation Mirrist
Mirror Knight
Weapon Staff
Character Designer Hidenori Matsubara
JP Voice Actor(s) Haruka Terui

Mileena Weiss (ミリーナ・ヴァイス Mirīna Vaisu?) is a main character and the lead female protagonist from Tales of the Rays. She is the childhood friend of the protagonist, Ickx Neve. Mileena is an 18-year-old woman who was born into a family full of mirrists and has been training in mirristry since a young age and shows great talent. She is confident, smart and cheerful to balance out Ickx's pessimism, as she tries to cheer him up by giving an optimistic view.

She has been Ickx's best friend and surrogate big sister figure since childhood. Her kindness and empathetic personality allows her to make friends with all kinds of people. While she does her best to be mature and collected, Ickx does not hesitate to playfully shut her down.



Mileena has long, blonde hair that reaches down to her knees. She wears a rainbow hairpin with the left side of her bangs clipped to her head. She has green eyes and a fair complexion.

She wears a lustrous red cloak lined with gold on its front. The interior of her cloak is white. The cloak features her bust prominently and has feathered fringes by her neck area. She wears a plain shirt and white shorts underneath a red skirt covering. She also dons a red belt and wrist guards armed with golden bracelets. She also wears red boots.


Fighting Style / Abilities

Mileena uses floating mirrors in battle that allow her to tap into her latent abilities as a Mirror Knight. She is able to use a vast array of magic, from defensive and supportive spells to spells that can fell many tremendous foes. She is also capable of using her mirrors to assault a foe, attacking them with the mirror's in a repetitive fashion.


Name Description
TORAYS Silver Mirror
Silver mirror
Shirubā Mirā
[ Ability ]
First Aid
[ Enhancements ]
  • Enhance 1: Increase HP recovery effect by 10%
  • Enhance 2: Caster also recovers 20% of the amount healed
  • Enhance 3: Increase HP recovery effect by 10%
  • Enhance 4: Caster also recovers 20% of the amount healed
  • Enhance 5: Increase HP recovery effect by 10%
TORAYS Reflect
[ Ability ]
[ Profile ]
TORAYS Optical Mirror
Optical Mirror
Hikari Kyō
[ Ability ]
[ Profile ]
TORAYS Royal mirror
Royal mirror
Roiyaru Mirā
[ Ability ]
[ Profile ]
[ Ability ]
[ Profile ]
TORAYS Shell Frame
Shell Frame
Sheru Furēmu
[ Ability ]
[ Enhancements ]
  • Enhance 1: Increase HP recovery effect by 10%
  • Enhance 2: Increase AOE range by 10%
  • Enhance 3: Increase HP recovery effect by 10%
  • Enhance 4: Increase casting speed by 5%
  • Enhance 5: Increase AOE range by 10%
TORAYS Crystal Mirror
Crystal Mirror
Kurisutaru Mirā
[ Ability ]
[ Profile ]
TORAYS Dragon Glasses
Dragon Glasses
Ryū Megane
[ Ability ]
[ Profile ]


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