Melchionyte (メルキオナイト Merukionaito?) is the name of an ore found in Tales of Berseria. It is known for its explosive qualities and is therefore used in the production of gunpowder. It is mentioned to be a rare-type of ore to the Nozgand region. It was discovered by the ancient alchemist, Melchior Mayvin.


The Melchionyte is first mentioned when Magilou recognizes a familiar smell and explains what it could be used for. Later on, the party head into the storage room and find barrels full of them. Magilou states the main purpose for them were used in wars and explosive bombs.

During the party's departure from the town, Magilou decided to stay. Teresa praying in the sanctuary of Hellawes, meets and discovers that her brother had been harmed by a "black haired woman" which is a reference to Velvet Crowe. Upon their return, Velvet and Rokurou face off against exorcists commanded by Teresa Linares as revenge to the damage caused to her brother. After Teresa commands Laphicet, who was tethered to her at the time, to attack Velvet.

Velvet on the other hand asks Teresa why she cannot attack her for revenge herself and using Seres' power after devouring her, uses her flame to set off the Melchionyte stored in the higher buildings near the sanctuary, as well as using it as a chance to counterattack and land a kick to the Saint of Ice, Teresa.


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