Marble (マーブル Māburu?) is a minor NPC character from Tales of Symphonia. She is old woman found at the beginning of the game, who befriends Genius Sage. Genius meets her on the Iselia Human Ranch where he is no supposed to be, and treats her like his Grandma. Genius often brings Marble food to eat because of the harsh treatment the humans at the ranch face from the Desians running it, working the captured humans to death.

Later, Lloyd Irving accompanies Genius with his visit to Marble. Lloyd notices that the Exsphere she has on her, forced by the Desians, was crudely made and could make her very sick. He does not know for sure what would happen if they took it off. After Collet Brunel left on her journey, Lloyd is seen on the Iselia's ranch video camera. Marble is turned into a monster by her Exsphere, loses her soul and is forced to travel with the Desians to destroy Iselia. Lloyd and Genius go back to Iselia, hoping to catch up with Collet's group and instead find the village in flames. The Desians, led by Forcystus, one of the Five Desian Grand Cardinals, had attacked the village along with the monster. Forcycstus ordered the monster, Exebula in the game, to kill Lloyd for attacking the guards that saw his face. After a long battle, Lloyd mortally wounds the beast with help from Genius and his magic. When Forcyctus is about to kill Lloyd, Exebula grabs him from behind, and with the remains of her sanity, tells Genius that he was like a grandson to her and orders the the two to run. Marble in Exebula form explodes on the back of Forcyctus, gravely injuring him. As a result of the damage caused to the village, Lloyd and Genius are banished from Iselia and they start following Collet's group.

Later on, in the city of Palmacosta, the group finds Marble's family and a general store owned by her. Chocolat, Marble's granddaughter, hates Lloyd for killing Marble and willingly goes with the Desians to the Iselia Ranch. Lloyd rescues her for good near the end of the 1st disc and forgives her while she mourns for her dead grandmother.