Game Tales of Zestiria
Residence Ladylake
Race Hellion
Human (Former)
Gender Female
Age 35
Height 172cm
Occupation Military Instructor
Weapon Spear / Lance
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Maltran (マルトラン Marutoran?) is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. She owns the title, Blue Valkyrie. She is Alisha Diphda's mentor as well as a motherly figure due to Alisha's mother not being able to nurture her in the game's story due to her low social-status.

Maltran previously survived a great battle from a group of hellions, but later on finding she had become one herself, without major effects from malevolence and being able to maintain her sense of self.



Maltran has magenta hair which is tied up in a blue and black flower band. Her hair is curled towards the bottom half of her ponytail, whereas the rest is curved and covers the right-side of her face. Her outfit uses the official colours of the Hyland Kingdom. The attire she wears consists of a white corset which is worn under long-tailed blue jacket with a black choker from her collar. Like Alisha, she wears armour on her arms and legs.


Maltran is a strict teacher but appears as one who also cares, as well as being knowledgeable. She appears calm but inside she contrasts from her usual persona into a dark one, who is obsessed with ideals of nothing but war and destruction.

Fighting Style / Abilities

Maltran, like Alisha, uses a spear in battle. The two share the same techniques. Like many other instructors in the series, she is shown to be a lance user. As a hellion, she is able to make her body blend in with the malevolence of the surrounding areas and use is also able to use the environment to spread her malevolence in a solid form. The shape of the solid form can be changed and suited to match her situation. Maltran is a powerful instructor who is said to have came out of the Battle of Glaiveland unharmed. This was actually the time she had become a hellion, being effected by the battlefield which had also changed her personality.


Maltran's 3D model as she appears in-game.

Due to being a hellion, Maltran has the ability to see seraphim, as seen when she had glanced at Lailah when speaking to Sorey in front of Alisha's residence. She has strong prowess with using spears and is able to face against multiple enemies due to its reach and her quick strikes.


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