Malevolence (穢れ(けがれ)・汚れ Kegare?, lit. "impurity" or "uncleanliness"), sometimes referred to as Negative Energy, is a factor which appears in both Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria. It appears as a purple bubble-like or a gaseous substance, all murky and cloudy which infiltrates a being such as a human, Seraphim, Malakhim or an animal which, with enough malevolence would transform the carrier into a Daemon or Hellion (憑魔 Hyouma?, lit. "Possessing Evil"). The level of malevolence corrupting a person or a vessel's body determines what type and strength the being will become once transformed into a hellion.

Malevolence (Berseria)

Malevolence affecting people and seen as a purple hue-type fog in Tales of Berseria.

Malevolence has been mentioned multiple times in both titles and Magilou from Tales of Berseria states that it is the darkness of the heart and that malevolence stirs daemonblight. Malevolence is impurities born from the negative emotions of humanity—and threaten the existence of natures, humans and malakim/seraphim. In some locales, it is visible as a purple particle moving horizontally from a body.

All animals infected with malevolence would transform into a mythical being from inspired legends and mythology or a more powerful and elder form. Examples are: a bird into a harpy, a dog into a werewolf.

Important factors such, as environment, lifestyle, relationship, temperature, feelings and emotions determine the appearance of a human or seraphim; unlike an animal which will just further evolve or mutate. There are also fix-gender hellions. Some examples are: Medusa, Echidna and Succubus, which can only be turned from a female human or female seraphim.


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