Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving
Game Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk

Residence Iselia
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17 (TOS)

19 (TOS-KOR)

Height 173cm → 179cm
Weight 58kg → 63kg
Occupation Swordsman
Weapon Dual Swords
Character Designer Kosuke Fujishima
JP Voice Actor(s) Katsuyuki Konishi
EN Voice Actor(s) Scott Menville
Brian Beacock

Lloyd Irving (ロイド・アーヴィング Roido Āvingu?) is a main character and the lead protagonist in Tales of Symphonia. He is a young man who attends the local school in Iselia with his friends, Collet Brunel and Genius Sage. When he was younger, he was picked up in a forest on the outskirts of Iselia and was brought up by a dwarf adoptive father. This upbringing resulted in him learning dwarf techniques as his hands were very dexterous. He aims to appear cool and flashy, but in reality he is a hot-blooded man. Lloyd has excellent spirit of judgement and is loved by everyone despite his grade results for the school often turning out bad. At first, he accepted the peace created by sacrificing someone, but notices the inconsistent contradictions in the world's system and later becomes the weapon to transform the united worlds.

When Lloyd learns his mother, Anna, was killed by the Desians, he decides to join Colette's journey. During the journey, Lloyd kills Kvar, one of the Desian Grand Cardinals, after learning that Kvar's Angelus Project caused the death of Lloyd's mother. As Lloyd continues his journey with the party, he is chosen to wield the Eternal Sword to help them achieve their goals. To accommodate for his dual-sword fighting style, the Eternal Sword's powers enter Lloyd's Material Blades. After merging the two worlds and germinating the Great Seed into a Giant Kharlan Tree, Martel pronounces Lloyd as the tree's guardian and asks him to name it.