Laphicet Crowe
Laphicet Crowe
Game Tales of Berseria
Residence Aball
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 11
Height 141cm
Weapon Papers
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
JP Voice Actor(s) Rie Kugiyama
EN Voice Actor(s) Abby Trott

Laphicet Crowe (ライフィセット・クラウ Raifisetto Kurau?) is a major character in Tales of Berseria. He is the younger brother of Velvet Crowe and Celica Crowe. He enjoys reading books due to being confined to his bed because of his illness which results in his lacking ability to walk. He has been sick since birth and longed for his parents of which whose roles were taken on by his eldest sister. Later on, after his sister fell in love with a strange who had been accommodated at their home called Arthur, who he became close friends with to start referring to him as a brother. When Velvet saved a member of the malakhim race who slightly resembled him in nature, she named him Laphicet, after him, her brother.

He is the main plot device for the Tales of Berseria game and the result of Velvet's vengeance.

He was presumably resurrected as Innominat, or perhaps not.


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