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Lailah, the present Lady of the Lake.

The Lady of the Lake ((みずうみ)乙女(おとめ) Mizuumi no Otome?) is a person, a mysterious female figure who used the sword of Ladylake's sanctuary as a vessel in Tales of Zestiria. The title is said not intended to be hereditary. The only known character who currently possesses the title is the fire seraphim, Lailah. The sword in the sanctuary is classed as pure, and therefore is a suitable vessel. Because Lailah has dwelled in the ancient sword for so long, it has become her personal artifact of use when enacting the armatus.

Since residing in the sanctuary of Ladylake, Lailah is able to freely move around the building without having to dwell in the artifact because of the prayers and offerings from the locals which help purify the area, give Lailah strength, and cleanse any malevolvence within the surrounding perimeters.


Lailah had stated that before she had even arrived to the sanctuary of Ladylake, that the entity known as the Lady of the Lake had already been a figure of praise who had already left. Lailah now assumes the title as to when one day when she took shelter in the sanctuary, people started heading prayers towards her in which she resumes the former's position. No-one knows where the original had left to.

After the ending of the game, Lailah continues to resume this position with the help of Ladylake's Lord of the Land, Uno, in her absence, as she is travelling on a journey with the next Shepherd after Sorey. It is unknown who the previous Lady of the Lake was before Lailah appearance and where she has disappeared to.


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