Hellion (憑魔 Hyouma?, lit. "Possessing Evil" or "Possessed Evil"), or plural Hellions, are a type of creature in Tales of Zestiria. They are created from malevolence—impurities born from the negative emotions of humanity—and threaten the existence of humans and seraphim.


Tales of Zestiria

The Lord of Calamity is a being that gives rise to the hellions. They cannot be seen by normal human eyes, and humans and animals possessed by the malevolence appear to them as if they were normal. Seraphim and humans with high spiritual energy are able to see hellions, which can take on a variety of forms, such as slimes and human-animal hybrids. The only person able to quell hellions is a Shepherd, a chosen wielder of the Sacred Blade who is given the power to do so.


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