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Hellawes (ヘラヴィーサ Heravīsa?) is the name of a city in Tales of Berseria. It is situated in the north of the Northgand region. It also where the Saint of Ice, Teresa Linares, also known as the "Head of Hellawes" resides. It is also located north of a neighboring town called Beardsley.


Following the events of the Scarlet Night, Hellawes experienced a resurgence in wealth following its acquisition by the Abbey as a base of operations. Alongside the Shipping Guild and the Abbey's influence, Hellawes was rejuvenated by the booming trade in Flamestone conducted by the guild for the past three years. Teresa, Artorius and exorcists are regarded highly by the citizens of Hellawes, possibly due to their daemon exterminations and the continuous spread of the Abbey's beliefs via the church in Hellawes. Human and Malakhim frequently walk together in the streets of Hellawes, with the latter usually serving as the subordinates of stationed exorcists or praetors.


During Velvet, Rokuro and Magilou's escape from the prison island of Titania, they land in the north of the Nozgand region. From there on, they headed to the nearest town which was Hellawes. The people of the town are very respective of Artorius Collbrande.

Throughout searching the town, they come across Abbey's exorcist Teresa Linares who is foresees all actions and the commandant of the town. Teresa is seen with two malaks, one of them being Laphicet, referred to as "Number Two"; who ran away from the party previously.

The townspeople cause a commotion about the ship leader, Dyle, and are blaming him for the workload being left to them in his absence. Teresa questions Velvet about her temperature coinciding with her loose and revealing outfit before taking her leave.

Notable Individuals

  • Teresa Linares - A female praetor who serves as the leader of Hellawes. Having taken control of the city, it respects her to the utmost with its citizens continuously being impressed by her abilities as an exorcist. She is frequently seen patrolling the city alongside the two Malakhim she controls.
  • Teresa Fan - A young man enamored with Teresa Linares. He can be found in the Tavern, drifting away to tavern patrons about his unyielding affection for the woman he dubs, "The Frozen Queen" of Hellawes.


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