Glenwood (グリンウッド Gurinuddo?, "Greenwood") is the name of the continent in which Tales of Zestiria takes place in. The continent is split up into two parts, the warring states of Hyland Kingdom and Rolance Empire. It is part of the world called Wasteland and was previously known as Midgand and Westgand.

By this time, the continent of Midgand has evolved and many ruins have been formed around the Wasteland world. The world had vastly changed and there is little use of ships as transporation.

During this time period, humans had lost the ability to see seraphim, which were once known as Malak in the past. Fundamentally, the world was ruled by laws of the two opposing states and the continent had roughly been split in half. Deserted in some areas and polluted in the other, the world had been enveloped by a negative energy or force known as malevolence; an impure aura resonating when a creature such as beasts, animals and humans have negative thoughts and ambitions for both themselves and the world. Due to this factor, the continent of Glenwood had been sprawling with hellions, malicious beasts, for the past two decades since the last Shepherd.