The Flames of Purification, also known as Purgatory Flames, are flames created from powerful malakhim or seraphim with the ability to purify malevolence in ones body and return them to their former state in Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria. The flames can only be used by those possessing special talent, class or permission through an authority, who has passed on the flames to another being. If a malakhim or seraphim forms a pact with a human being, typically a Shepherd, the shepherd is able to use these flames as long as the pact remains with the contract between the two beings where the power is shared between the two of them in return that the malakhim/seraphim be able to dwell in the host freely without being effected by any external malevolence than if they were not to have formed a contract.

When the Flames of Purification are linked with a contract to a being, it does not have to be flames specifically which quell malevolence. In this case, this power is also known as the Power of Purification, and can be shared with anyone if in contract with the person who possesses the Flames of Purification. However the Flames of Purification is also referred to as the Power of Purification whether or not the user of it has or has not formed any pacts because it can only be a flame in origin to the story. The power is further enhanced if a host has the ability to use the Armatus, a special fusion between the host and the spiritual being of which grants the host their full power and usage of the spiritual being as a weapon. The color of the flame will vary between red or orange and blues. When a being has been purified, the flame will always be blue in effect and burn away at any malevolent matter. Whenever a human being uses the powers or flames of purification alone, it will always appear as a blue flame from their weapon.

The only two known characters to be able to use the Flames of Purification are Laphicet from Tales of Berseria and from the distant timeline sequel, Lailah from Tales of Zestiria. Both these two characters are from the same world, use paper sheets as their weapon of choice, had created a pact with a human being who focuses on exorcism or purifying malevolent creatures.


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Shepherd Sorey Malakhim Laphicet Seraphim Lailah


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