Eleanor Hume

Eleanor Hume
Eleanor Hume
Game Tales of Berseria
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 165cm
Occupation Exorcist
Weapon Spear / Lance
Character Designer Kosuke Fujishima
JP Voice Actor(s) Ami Koshimizu
EN Voice Actor(s) Erica Mendez

Eleanor Hume (エレノア・ヒューム Erenoa Hyūmu?) is a main character and a female protagonist in Tales of Berseria. She has grown up as one of the victims who had lost her precious ones during the Scarlet Night, which occurred three years prior to the main story. Afterwards, she decided to join the Abbey, and became one of the top ten praetors of the exorcists. During her extermination of the daemons, she encounters Velvet Crowe on several occasions.

Continuously pursuing Velvet and the party, she is treated as suspicious by the party but is welcomed by Laphicet. She later gains a task of observing the party, particularly Velvet, and her actions, before slowly learning of the true extent of the Abbey's amorality. She fully joins the party afterwards and sees through Velvet's mission to the end.

"I won’t turn a blind eye to the consequences of my actions. I chose this path to seek the truth, not to deny it."

—Eleanor Hume.



Eleanor has fair skin, grass-green eyes and long bright-red hair with alternating streaks of a peach-pink which is tied into long twintails by two spiky teal hairbands that end with orange parallel-laced ribbons. Her fringes are placed towards the side, revealing her forehead.

TOB Eleanor Model

Her outfit consists of a mid-length dress with multiple layers of white ruffles and matching long boots. Both have a golden-orange pattern with a form of insignia on them and her dress also has an extending flap which stems from the collar and through the midpoint of her outfit. Over her dress, she wears a long-sleeved, blue jacket of variant shades. The jacket's length is short and reaches her upper waist. It has the same lacing as her dress, as well as multiple buttons and a meandering orange shape at the wrists, which is finished off by finger-less gloves that resemble an artifact of the Shepherd.


A naïve, idealistic, but powerful exorcist with an unwavering drive to protect humanity from the dangers of daemons. Despite her affiliation with Abbey, she eventually joins Velvet in order to learn the truth behind the organization and the daemons. She wields a spear in battle. Eleanor is naturally a kind-hearted woman and would do anything to make the people of the land happy. She is sophisticated in manners, both expressive and tonal speech as well as a projecting a light voice. Her personality changes slightly to being more aggressive to those who mock, look down on or scorn the Taimashi group.



Earlier in her life, she joined an anti-daemon group, excorcist, who use the powers of Malak as familiars to aid in their tasks. Eleanor took up this task due to having a dreadful past and did not want to see anyone else she knew die before her eyes.

Fighting Style

Eleanor (BS Model)

Eleanor's Break Soul model render.

Her class and battle type are written as Anti-Demon or Expel Demon Master, otherwise known as Praetor. Unlike many other spear-users, Eleanor wields her lance like a battle staff and attacks with the motion of a sword.

Eleanor's fighting style consists of a variation between close-range and mid-range attacks. She uses a staff-like spear in close-combat as well as commanding malak, Bienfu, in battle.

When Eleanor has enough Soul on her Soul Gauge, she can activate her Break Soul called Aerial Strike (エリアルストラッシュ Eriarusutorasshu?, "Aerial Slash"), in which Eleanor launches the enemy into air and can link to the aerial combo. Eleanor has a number of artes which allow her to reach enemies up high and a variety of air-based artes. Her Switch Blast is Break Roll and her mystic arte is Spiral Hell.

Other Appearances

Tales of Link

"A young member of the anti-daemon Abbey. As one of their most powerful exorcists, she spends her days trying to free her world from the blight of the daemonkind."

Eleanor appears as an obtainable character.


  • Eleanor and Elenoa are both variations on the name Elen and carry the same meaning of "Bright one". This represents her status in the game as an exorcist; exterminator of beasts.
    • This could also refer to a contrast between her and Velvet.
  • Eleanor's in-game model displays her hair as shorter than it appears in her design.
  • Her role is similar to Sorey. Both quell the malevolent beasts roaming the world and share a similar appearance in colour palette. This is because they share the same character designer.
  • Coincidentally, Eleanor shares the same English and Japanese voice actresses as Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill.

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