Desolation Map

A map of the Wasteland world during the Tales of Berseria timeline.

Wasteland (ウェイストランド Ueisutorando Desolation) is the name of the world in which the events of Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria take place in. The main continental region in the world are Midgand, which, along with Westgand, later becomes known as Glenwood. Other regions include Northgand, Southgand, Eastgand, and Islegand.

During the Tales of Berseria timeline, the positioning of islands and regions vastly differ from that of Tales of Zestiria. In the former, a majority of the land is both divided and scattered across the globe. There are islands, specifically archipelagos, some under restriction by the leaders of a governing region which dictates that areas habitat, lifestyle, wealth and matter such as forms of transport.

In the latter, the archipelagos and the sub-island seemed to have made a giant continent at the central-point of the map. This cluster had later been split in half by the governing agency of Hyland and Rolance in Tales of Zestiria. The reason for the century changes is due to the mass power being focused in the center of the world, as well as the power of nature from that of the malakim and seraphim forms. Other factors such as evil beasts in both timelines and major governing officials also played a part in the merging of the islands.

Tales of Berseria

In Tales of Berseria, the world of Wasteland differs hugely from Tales of Zestiria. From ragings summers to freezing winters scattered across the globe. The temperature in one region may vastly differ along with the season of that of a close region. The seasons are all occurring in conjunction despite the it being the same time of year for each region respectively. Levels, depth and cleanliness of water is also considered. In some areas the water is very pure and makes for an ideal location for characters such as NPCs to live in and others are areas with murky or dirty water in which makes a perfect habitat for a daemon due to its desolate environment and the usage for it to spawn more daemons.




  • The name term "Wasteland" could be referring to it as a place where trash gets dumped. This could also be referring to how both timelines are corrupted by evil or traumatic events and characters who become isolated due to their status or prowess.