The Desians (ディザイアン Dizaian?) are an antagonistic organization in Tales of Symphonia. The Desians are a group of half-elves and some humans who work to turn people into Exspheres. They work under Cruxis, but their branch leaders are the Five Desian Grand Cardinals. The party, at first, doe not know much about the origin of the Desians and why they want to cause so much chaos. They destroyed Iselia after Lloyd Irving broke the non-aggression treaty the town and the organization had. This lead to Lloyd Irving and Genius Sage's banishment from the village. The Desians take prisoners from all over Sylvarant and bring them to human ranches and turn them all into exspheres.

If not turning people into exspheres, then they would often conduct experiments with live humans as their test specimen. Results which turn out defective would either be killed instantly, returned back to their residential lands, or locked up. The result of turning test humans back to their homes often wound up them being transformed into their defective states where the exspheres expands their body and blood vessels to the point where the exsphere size increases. The only way to stop these beings is to kill them by destroying the exspheres attached to their chests.

Five Grand Cardinals

  • Magnius
  • Kvar
  • Pronyma
  • Rodyle
  • Forcystus



They make an appearance in Tales of Symphonia. They are always masked, and have some kind of weapon with them, and have different uniforms depending on their leader. There are male and female Desians. The Female ones generally hold long weapons such as a spear, but sometimes they will be a mage and use a staff. The males usually wield a staff, a crossbow, a sword, or even a whip .


The Desians usually appear when they raid a town or in the Desian Human Ranches. These are places that the abducted humans go to be turned into Exspheres. Exspheres are lifeless crystals that feed off the life of its host like a parasite. Exspheres raise the wielders physical ability to its highest potential, but it also can make the person sick if they do not have a Key Crest. If an Exsphere is removed from a host who does not have a Key Crest it will affect the host so severely that the host will transform into a monster. Of course, not many people know that this is what they do in there, because not many people ever get out alive. The Human Ranches are very technologically advanced and have many sophisticated traps located throughout the compound. Human Ranches can be destroyed by self destructing them from the inside.