Demon Fang (魔神剣 Majinken?, lit. "Demon God Sword"), also Demon Fist (魔神拳 Majinken?, lit. "Demon God Fist") and Demon Dog (魔神犬 Majinken?, lit. "Demon God Dog"), is a classic technique used throughout the Tales series, often as a starting arte for a majority of its users (especially protagonists). It is due to that the trademark logo is literally a silhouette of a user (namely Cress Albein) performing the attack, in ode to its mass usage.

Each version of the attack despite having different names, all have the same Japanese reading.

Description and History

This arte is a grounded-projectile that is launched from either the user's weapon or fist. It often functions primarily as the user's standard projectile attack, though often of low-base damage due to how early the arte is received in most titles it appears in. It is because of its grounded nature that in most games save for those with the Aerial Linear Motion Battle System, it can easily be jumped over and/or can miss airborne targets. Despite the name of the attack, it is not a darkness-based attack, while in some games it can also be performed in midair.

In games such as Tales of Symphonia, the projectile in all its variations gains a bonus effect in that it can pick off downed targets off the ground, possibly for some extra combo utility. It can also guard break any targets that have been hit from either behind or the side.

Alisha Diphda is one example of a character who uses the attack without a sword, despite the Japanese name, as she uses a spear for the arte instead.

Appearances and Users (Demon Fang)

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