Demon Fang (魔神剣 Majinken?, lit. "Demon God Sword") is a sword-slash technique which releases a wave of energy from the tip of the sword. It is also a recurring technique in the series. Demon Fist (魔神拳 Majinken?, lit. "Demon God Fist") and Demon Dog (魔神犬 Majinken?, lit. "Demon God Dog") are alternate techniques used with different weaponry such as using one's fists but carry the same principle. Although the ending Kanji is different, the pronunciation is the same. Due to being a primary technique learned at the start of many of the games. Each titles has a representative for the technique and due to its mass usage, it has become included in the series logo. Even though the arte is generally a sword-technique, it can be used by characters with enough skill and different weaponry such as Alisha Diphda from Tales of Zestiria.

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