Werewolf Daemon

A human who had turned into a werewolf-type daemon during the Scarlet Night.

Gouma (業魔?, lit. "Karmic Demon"), known as Daemon in the localised version, are beings who have been effected by the Daemonblight from the Scarlet Night event in Tales of Berseria. One factor which effects the if the output of a being is set to remain or become a daemon is malevolence, the darkness in a being's heart and is often seen as a dark shade of purple in the form of bubbles or a gas being emitted of humans.

They are the pre-Glenwood form of the Hellions. Like Malakhim, daemons do not have a set form. Some appear as completely enveloped beasts and others appear as their original form before becoming one, as well as retaining their sense of reason.

There are humans who have not become daemons but have the like of their powers residing within them. This causes those with visible changes to be shunned by the outside society and leaving them to be tormented or thrown into prison such as Titania, specifically built for the capture of daemons. .


  • The name daemon is derived from demon or the Greek daimōn, in reference to daimonic typically means quite a few things: from befitting a demon and fiendish.


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