Cruxis (クルシス Kurushisu?) is an organization of angels headed by Mitos Yggdrasill featured in Tales of Symphonia. The Four Seraphim are below him. His alter ego Mitos and original self is one of them. The others are Kratos Aurion, Yuan Ka-Fai, and Martel. Cruxis's role is believed to be a society of guardians, who are also believed to be related to the Goddess Martel of the world of Sylvarant, the one who guides the Chosen on the Journey of Regeneration. Lloyd Irving, Genius Sage, Collet Brunel, Kratos Aurion, and Refill Sage meet Remiel, a member of Cruxis who promises them that if Collet the Chosen follows the path and releases the four seals she will complete the Journey of Regeneration. As a result, Sylvarant will be restored and prosperity will follow. The Desians, an organization of half-elves, are part of Cruxis. They take the role of enforcers on the planet with the angels in the heavens. Every main member of Cruxis and the Desians are half-elves with the exception of Kratos.

The Four Seraphim