The Chiral Particles (キラル分子 Kiraru Bunshi?, Chiral Molecules) is the name of a unique molecule found in Tales of the Rays. It is classed as a special energy particle. High quantities are said to be found in the world of Tir Na Nog. It is said to produce an infinite amount of energy which could be used in the development in the technology The misuse of the Chiral Molecule and the lack of knowledge and interest to develop weapons from it led to its corruption. This further led it to the creation of the weapon known as a Kaleidoscope, a weapon that destroys substances and animals that are the backbone of life and turns objects into sand that shines will rage in the world war.

Chiral particles, mysterious energy particles found in Tir Na Nog. They copy the anima of their target, transforming the copy into more chiral particles. It can create infinite copies and thus infinite energy. When one irradiates an object, it can lead to the expel and copy of the Chiral Particles and something fused with it before its separation, called the Anima. Using these copied properties can lead to the mass production of identical and cloned weapons or items. The lost object then turns into a sand of light.


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