Celica Crowe
Celica Crowe
Game Tales of Berseria
Residence Aball
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 20
JP Voice Actor(s) Satomi Arai

Celica Crowe (セリカ・クラウ Serika Kurau?, Serica Crowe) is a character in Tales of Berseria. She is the elder sister of Velvet Crowe, the lead protagonist of the game, and Laphicet Crowe. She plays a minor role towards the plot during the prologue of the story. It was shown that after encountering a man named "Arthur", she later fell in love with him and was pregnant with his child. After dying before the advent, she and her unborn child were sacrificed to call down and be replaced by Malakhim Seres and her sole child, Laphicet—both the former's souls being placed into the latter's bodies.