"This is where the Abbey sends its malcontents. Don't conform or accept the Abbey's rules, or commit a crime..."
—Elder in Beardsley

Beardsley is the name of a village in Tales of Berseria. It is located in the landscape of the Figahl Icecaps. Its neighboring city is Hellawes.


Prior to the events of the Scarlet Night, Beardsley proved itself prominently as an area of commercial interests and industry. After Hellawes discovered the Flamestone and began its prosperity by initiating trade for the item, interest in Beardsley dwindled and eventually almost all trade towards the village had died down. In the present time, it serves as a place for the Abbey to place its malcontents, individuals who deny the Abbey's teachings and refuse to have anything to do with them. It serves as a reminder of a vulnerability in the Abbey's teachings as even the infallible exorcists are incapable of saving areas like Beardsley.


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