The continent of Areula from Tales of the Tempest.
Game Tales of the Tempest
Type Continent

Areula (大陸アレウーラ Tairiku Areūra?, "Aurella") also spelled Areulla, is the name of the continent setting in which the story of Tales of the Tempest takes place on. The full name of the continent is the Kingdom of Areula. The capital of Areula is called Janna.

Across the continent are vast amount of cities, rural areas, hidden locations and dungeons. The governing body of Areula is called the "Church" and their main plot is related to the persecution of the Lycanth race. For centuries, the Lycanth, also known by their actual race, the Leimon, have ruled over the continent of Areula peacefully alongside regular human beings—until one day an opposing group rebelled against them starting from the capital Janna.


Areula, a land of mysteries and illusion. The long-reigning Leimon civilization fell one hundred years ago in the Beast War. Humans came to rule over the land. The remaining of the Leimons were persecuted wherever they were found. Even the distant frontier village of Fern was of no exception.


First Field

  • Fern
  • Abandoned Cabin
  • Port Nals
  • Black Forest

Second Field

  • Outside Black Forest
  • Leda